Pat Schmatz

School Visits / Writing Workshops

Pat is available for classroom or school visits, conferences and library talks. Topics can be tailored to adults, high school or middle school students. Fees are variable; for more information, please contact the author at

Pat is fanTASTIC with kids, she is outstanding. Having her as a writer in residence has deepened the writing process for both students and teachers. She has made the writing process more accessible to the most reluctant students and empowered our most gifted writers - all at the same time. I'd like to get a group of educators in a room to watch her do what she does.
- Corey Kidwell, Superintendent at Loma Prieta Joint Union School District.

Sparta Meadowview Middle School
1225 North Water Street
Sparta, WI 54656
(608) 366-3497

Mike Crneckiy
Toby Oswald
Assistant Principal


Prospective Clients of Pat Schmatz,

During the 2012-13 school year we embarked in the huge task of running an activity we called, "One School-One Book". This activity saw us purchase a copy of Pat Schmatz's book Bluefish for everyone in the building, staff and students. Our school has over 500 students.

The book was fantastic, but working with Pat was the icing on the cake! Pat is fantastic! As an administrator I found her very easy to work with, extremely accommodating, and understanding when it came to working within a school district's time restraints. Most importantly, the kids LOVED her!

Her visit started with a before school visit to discuss Bluefish with a small group of kids. When she found out that a small group was meeting each week to talk about the book, missing the final meeting was not an option for her. The rest of her day was a whirl-wind of student lunches, small group discussions, and book signings. At every session she showed the same energy, enthusiasm, and interest in our students.

Talking to Pat, our students learned about many aspects of writing and being an author. She talked about where her ideas come from, developing characters, getting published, her unique writing style, overcoming obstacles, celebrating individuality and above all she was engaging and fun. I watched 8th grade boys enjoy her presentations the same as 6th grade girls. I can honestly say that I cannot remember how many students came to me to tell me Bluefish is the first book they have read "Just for fun". The real testament to her effectiveness is that several told me they didn't read it until after she visited, she inspired them to read! At the end of the day we had a line 75 feet long out of our LMC waiting for her to sign their book.

My final comment comes from our end of the year assembly. A teacher and group of kids put together an iMovie of the events of the school year. When pictures of Pat and candid photos from her visit came on the screen 500 students erupted in cheers and claps. This is not an exaggeration.

If your school is interested in inviting an author for a school visit, I strongly recommend you consider looking at Pat's literature as part of an author visit. I am more than happy to discuss our experience if you would like, I can be reached at 608-487-0501.


Michael Crneckiy
Principal: Meadowview Middle